When reality hits..

Sometimes it’s better to just leave a dream as a dream. It hurts too much when you try to make something happen that is just not meant to be. It’s one of life’s most painful lessons and I guess everyone goes through it at one point or another.

The true test is how you come out the other side. Do you come out renewed, ready to take on the world again? Or do you come out broken, hopeless, unmotivated?

I’m allowing myself a few days…

A few days to mourn the loss of my dreams, allowing myself to grieve for what I lost out on. Allowing myself to understand that this isn’t the time for me and that one day it will come. Allowing myself to come to terms with what has happened and not blame myself for it.

I wasn’t wrong to dream… I wasn’t wrong to allow myself hope. Maybe I went about it the wrong way, but I wasn’t wrong.

What are your dreams?

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